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Marry in Maremma is the way of understanding the “Events” of the Giuncola & Granaiolo farmhouse goes haind in hand with its philosophy. A philosophy that see as integral part a territory full of Peace, Harmony, Colours and Rythms. The structure and its natural context may offer magical moments, full of perceptions the make the flavours and smiles more tasty. The Chef is ready to satisfy any request, only if it respects the genuineness tradition and of estetic that always makes Giuncola talk about the ideal setting for brilliant moments to remember. Giuncola & Granaiolo structure has two rooms, one that is internal and the other one outside in the garden. The garden and the pool may be used as a part of the scenery, and appetizer/buffet, for any type of event.


Our team will guide you in Your journey with different useful suggestions to create a unique and personalized event.


The comprehensive staff of Giuncola knows, based on the established date of the event, support you in any preparative need. Normally, one of the first steps is to personally meet with the Chef, so to plan a menu that will satisfy your needs. The Chef is available for “Tasting Test” to do before the event. Then, walking by the garden, or near the pool, you may organize with the event responsible the successful scenery to build together. From there the writing of a program of key points and your choice of what you want to deal with personally.

In a “postcard” location for celebrating your events, where your Special Occasions will become unique…

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Natale e Ultimo dell'Anno
alla Giuncola & Granaiolo

L'Agriturismo Giuncola & Granaiolo ha pensato per voi ad uno sfizioso menù per festeggiare insieme il Santo Natale ♥ 

E per l'ultimo dell'anno? Prenota il tuo cenone di San Silvestro all'insegna di buon cibo, musica e divertimento in compagnia di Vincent Deejay!